An Essential (magazine) part of my journey

When you just came from a photoshoot with Women’s Health Magazine, chill at vida e caffè with a 🥤Chai Soy Latte, open the latest Essentials magazine and read a story about a part of my life I once was ashamed of.
I have stopped asking ‘Why me God?’ a long time ago.
I Say “Yes please, me God! Use me! Let me inspire on every possible available platform you put in front of me. Lead me and I will follow faithfully.
During that dark time that I felt so ashamed of myself because I lacked faith in You and I believed a liar. The devil is a liar and he wants us stuck in a life of fear, anxiety, depression and dis-ease. The day I stood up to him, the game changed. Even when you lack confidence, willpower and strength, go for your dreams anyway because God is with you every step if the way, He will catch you when you fall and open doors where you feel trapped. Just stop saying you can’t… and keep going. 💛💛 . .

SioAn Essential (magazine) part of my journey