Adding Kettlebell Instructor to my portfolio

“Passion speaks louder than words.” Sio
When I started on my weightloss journey at the end of 2016, I fell in love with Kettlebell training… maybe because they reminded me very much of myself… small and freaking powerful. 😃💪
Seriously, swinging these ancient bells have the ability to take my mind off things that do not serve my sanity… and lifting it makes me focus on the weight of the bell and not that on my shoulders. I feel stronger, I become stronger with every swing, clean, snatch, press and lift.
I wanted to share my bliss with the world and felt it a very necessary and welcome addition to my health coaching practice. Kettlebell / functional training is a sure way to accelerate your fatloss process. Ask me, I know😉
After months of juggling work, play, mommying, wifying and working out I am finally a qualified Trifocus Kettlebells Fitness Instructor!
And to top it all I received my CPR and intro to AED certification too… just in case 😂just kidding- it’s a requirement 😊
I am super excited to host classes and private sessions in Cape Town soon! 💪 I hope you will join me some day!💛 It will be soo much fun- powerful, but fun! I promise😄
I’m literally toooo excited… it could be that in less than 4 hours I will be 40!!😱😃🥳
You are never too old to learn nor to change direction…follow your heart, not society.💫
Much love ❤️❤️🙏 Sio .

SioAdding Kettlebell Instructor to my portfolio