Snacks on the run

I would usually go for rice cakes and nut butter (don’t they look cute) or boiled eggs, but on the days that I just did not plan for and you just have to jump in the car and go…

The best snacks to grab while losing weight, would be a piece of fruit or veg stick like celery and carrots, but when you’re in a rush and no fresh stuff in sight…I go for these little yummies:
-Almonds (handful)
-Popcorn (a small /50g packet)
-Biltong sticks (about 50g)

This should keep you fuelled up until lunch time…just not the drive-thru please!

I know that this is not always easy- I struggle to stick to portions all the time, especially when something tastes really, really good. But when you have made a commitment to yourself and remember why you had started on your weight-loss journey in the first place, you do what you know you have to do.

Tip: Before you go for another handful, finish a glass of water first. This is my way of playing tricks with my mind because after that glass of water…I’m done- it even works on my daughter- when she asks for a soda, I tell her that she is more than welcome to have a soda but should drink a glass of water first. Once the glass is empty, I tell her that she can have her soda now and she responds ‘naaah’s alright’ 🙂 I know…naughty momma.


SioSnacks on the run