41 the new 31… or 21

Last year this time, with my 40s dawning upon me, I felt a sense of anxiety but also excitement.
Just turned 41 and I feel nothing but happiness.
When I was younger I’d see people in their 40s looking and acting like life was all over and like its downhill from there.
I guess this perception got me all bundled up last year.
But I have come to realize that times and people’s outlooks have changed.
Today, my idols in their 40s are gracing the covers of fitness magazines, others are having their first babies, enrolling for further education, changing their careers and even country codes.
I’ve been told so many times that I wont be able to shed the stubborn fat that I have accumulated post my weightloss goal so easily… because my body is just not the same as 2 years ago… and I don’t disagree with the statement.
Of course my metabolism has slowed down and muscle has slightly broken down but I believe that my body is in a far better state than 10 years ago when it was overweight, inflamed and weak.
Some say, do more cardio to lose weight – to lose weight yes… and also look old before your time.
Do strength and resistance training instead. At this age, building muscle is what one must focus on. As we age we lose muscle so we have to work on developing and maintaining it. You also burn fat way longer after a workout than running on a treadmill for hours. Its a win win.
So don’t be afraid of those dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and the dreaded gym machines.
30 minutes a day is al you need.
Just keep going.
Apparently I’m 21 with 20 years experience. 😉

Sio41 the new 31… or 21