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“I just don’t have your kind of motivation”

“I just don’t have your kind of motivation” I always get that line when someone approaches me to help them but just don’t know how to get started. Well, you’re right you don’t have the kind of motivation I have. You have different motivating factors. It could be that you want to look great in

Lockdown stress belly

Hey beautiful peeps It’s been a minute and feel so bad- I literally stopped posting abruptly and took a break from social media. Here’s what you see in these two pics below… one is where I’ve been consistent (yep, I do practice what I preach), working out, eating healthy, doing the best I can during

My Covid scare

I hope that you are doing okay under these unusual circumstances. I thought I was doing fine because not a great deal has changed… hubby working, Jo’s doing schoolwork if she’s not playing fortnight, sleeping or chatting my ears off…going shopping only when necessary and dropping the odd essential at parent’s place. Still online coaching,

Be the black sheep – it’s okay

Always the black sheep- but that’s okay… I was born to stand out. 💫 You’ll always be the bad one, the fat one, the short one, the thin one, the tall one, the loud one, the wrong one, the crazy one or the too-out-there one. Let’s face it- someone will always have an opinion about

I am stronger than PCOS

Yep- not so long ago I was super chuffed with myself for beating it… but a year later, it had creeped up on me. Dealing with hormonal imbalance is one thing, combining it with insulin resistance is a complete recipe for disaster. So, here’s why I’ve been so quiet… I have been fighting some inner

41 the new 31… or 21

Last year this time, with my 40s dawning upon me, I felt a sense of anxiety but also excitement. Just turned 41 and I feel nothing but happiness. When I was younger I’d see people in their 40s looking and acting like life was all over and like its downhill from there. I guess this

Looking through rose tinted glasses

This is me at Ultra Music Festival- long time dream come true… yep I’m officially an Ultranaut astronaut! What better timing than on my 41st birthday!! What I really wanted to talk about was looking through rose tinted glasses. Some might perceive this as naive and others as ‘being in denial’. To me- it’s a

Let’s talk about goals

Let’s talk about goals, and more importantly, the intention we set behind those goals. What is it that you hope to achieve? Why? Is your intention serving YOU or the world? If there is any external motivator setting your goals it’s time to check in with your heart. Your journey needs to be motivated by


Yes! Love is in the air 💕 This month you can get my 42Day Mind Body and Goal e-guide for only R200 instead of R495. 👉🏽Head on to my E-guide page now- offer valid until 20/02/20 Don’t miss out on all of this! 👇🏽👇🏽 What the Mind Body & Goal © E-Guide includes: – 6-week

Push Pull Resist Trust

Story of my life… Sometimes I’m pushing Sometimes I’m pulling Sometimes I find myself just numb… not flinching … with no intention of moving – too afraid to go forward and too afraid to go backwards… so I freeze. It does remind me of a saying of an old professor I had the pleasure of

Knock knock…

Not all doors are meant to open for you…🚪 I am grateful for the doors that never opened because it lead me to other ones…bigger better ones. Sometimes we are too impatient and think the world is against us when things do not go our way, we throw tantrums, ask ‘why me God’ or simply

Dreams of a little girl

Growing up, I was obsessed with Barbie dolls. I had almost every single Barbie and created all sorts of fashion by cutting up all my old skirts and t-shirts. She was my idol, with her perfect perky nippleless boobs, round bum cheeks, flat abs and torso, pop-out hips and legs that could twist 360🙈🤦🏽‍♀️ 30

Feel the fear… and do it anyway

Hello from Siam Park (Rated best waterpark in the world!) 😃 Think… one of the top 10 most dangerous waterslides in the world- The Tower of Power!😬 Now, think free falling 91 ft at 80km/h with gallons of rushing water dumping you in a transparent tube immersed in a tank filled with sharks and stingrays?

Hola from Madrid

If you want to fly, you gotta let go of the things that weigh you down! 🐝

Accountable in Spain

Hello you beautiful thang! So much has been happening these past few weeks and how I managed to get all done is nothing short of a miracle (I do believe in them)😉 I am super excited because my little family and I are off to sunny Spain and the Canary Islands and meeting up with

Do you boo

When you worry about what other people think of you, you give up the power to enjoy you. Your opinion of yourself is your key to happiness.💙

Women’s Health The Ultimate Weightloss Guide Edition

I have truly come a long way… From paging through this exact magazine thinking to myself ‘dream on girl’ and ‘this is only meant for certain kinda girls’ to featuring in the exact magazine as fitness model…🙌🏽🙌🏽 This was not even part of my plan… in fact when I started on my fitness journey, it

Hurt people hurt people

My weightloss journey has taught me many things…and I’m not talking about calorie counting, macros and muscle recovery. Nope- I’m talking about self-love and self-acceptance. Hurt people hurt people…and I’m not talking about the bully at our kids’ schools or the family member who doesn’t seem to care about anyone else but themselves. Nope, I’m

The One Habit Challenge

Walking into June like… 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ The path to a healthier lifestyle is not about gymming 24/7 and eating leaves and chicken breast all day long. 🥗 Start this month… with just one habit. Change One habit. What’s that one ‘bad’ habit that you will change in June for a healthier you. 🧘🏼‍♀️ Let’s start the

You lose You win

So while my all-time girl-crush Gabrielle Union is owning that cover, I’m on page 68 of the latest Women’s Health issue…sharing my story.(Give it time 😉) And although you’ve heard it a thousand times because I have shared it a thousand times, it just never gets old. 💗 As I was reading my article, it

Top 12 Women’s Health Next Fit Star 2019

I totally took a chance with Women’s Health’s Next Fit Star competition and was in complete disbelief when I was selected as one of the top 12 in the whole of SA from so many truly awesome fitness influencers. ⭐️ Then it was up to public votes…and my future was literally in your hands. 😀

Featured on Women’s Health mag

I’m showing you some of my favorite kettlebell workouts for toned legs. If I sound snotty, it’s just a facade – I’m humbled and freaking out at the same time 🤗🤗 I’m truly grateful for these opportunities! Living my best unimaginable life. 💓💓

Time to get real with y’all

Hormones acting crazy again… not sure if it’s the 40s or perhaps the extra cheat-meals, nibbles and red wine🤦🏽‍♀️ I can either beat myself up like I did the past few months or can do something about the extra roll that grew around my belly…always, ai Murphy🙄 5.5 kgs of bodyfat to be exact around

Women’s Health Next Fit Star Top 12

Guys! Today, I received the most exciting news! 😃 And this is something I would never have been able to anticipate- but when someone suggested I enter the Women’s Health Next Fit Star, I was like… uuhm… maybe next time. Then it dawned upon me, for two years, I have left things Gods hands all

Keep working on you

The difference between success and failure… is what YOU DO while the rest are chilling, sleeping, partying, gossiping, watching others on Instagram, talking about how crazy others are for chasing their dreams✨ . . It’s not always easy, but if the dream is worth it, you will find a way to keep working on it.

Monday Motivation

Apparently this pic needs no caption. Just looking at it has motivated a group of people and were actually beaming with hope. So here’s to giving hope. 🍹💕

Life is one big cliche

When I think of all those days and moments when I’d just roll my eyes at someone saying ‘Only the tough get the hardest battles’. How many times did I want to punch my trainer in the face for saying ‘you are stronger than you think’ when I was at my weakest. 😞How I’d just

Highlight of my fitness journey

There has been so many amazing highlights snd blessing in my life and they just keep on coming. I’m overflowing with gratitude.✨ Guys! Today, I received the most exciting news! 😃 And this is something I would never have been able to anticipate- but when someone suggested I enter the Women’s Health Next Fit Star,

Step by step in faith

In a world of deadlines and smart goals we tend to get lost in the structure. Usually one gets lost in the chaos but I lose myself when I try to control everything, organize everything, perfect everything (to my OCD levels), even the things that I cannot control- like what the future holds, how long

Just having some fun

Everyone wants happiness..No one wants pain.. but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. 🌦🌈 Hang in there honey. 🌸

How Not to start your weight loss journey

✖️Thinking short term ‘I just want to lose the pooch’ ‘I just want to lose 20 kilos’ ‘I need to diet for the upcoming reunion next month’ ‘I just need to tone up then I’ll be happy’ 🤔 Here’s the thing… Most people don’t have a problem losing weight, in fact they’re seem to be

What will you do this weekend

This weekend I am resting- time for muscle recovery after a week of putting everything into my workout because I made a deal with myself- no more slacking (and stressing over raging hormones and … yep weightgain… only in the belly 🤦🏽‍♀️- topic for another day) . 💪That’s one for my goal ✔️ Karate tournament

Don’t let your dreams limit you

If you have never believed in miracles… here’s one! From struggling with PCOS, Depression, GAD, obesity, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and a sense that my God has forsaken me, to FITNESS MODEL at the age of 40 and the height of 154!💫 I could not have dreamt it and therefore never asked for it. 🙏 When

How to get into the swing of fitlife

Now, I know it aint’t easy… but if it was everyone would have been doing it- we love easy 😉 But here’s an ‘easy’ way to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle 🌸 👉TIP Instead of going all in and start joining gyms, thowing out all the junk food and running 5 k per

My FitLife Magazine debut

“Tell the story of the mountain You climbed. Your words could be a page in someone else’s Survival Guide.” MH Nichols 🧗🏽‍♀️ This is one of the reasons and motivations for not being afraid to share my story. 🌸 Some will judge me, some will talk and what they say is really none of my

Read and learn

I don’t sweat I sparkle… hehe. I’m so glad I finally got a sweat sesh in… Alot of people think, I exercise and eat healthy 24/7 and maybe to a degrees that is my fault and I apologize if I’ve been making it look so easy, because the truth is, its hard. I still struggle

Hello 40

For weeks I have been excited. A few days ago I was excited… heck, a few hours ago I was excited… I’m turning 40….40, holy cow did someone say the ‘f-word’?? 😱 Then it hit me- like out of the blue I saw a grey hair in my ‘baby hair’ in the shop window reflection

Adding Kettlebell Instructor to my portfolio

“Passion speaks louder than words.” Sio When I started on my weightloss journey at the end of 2016, I fell in love with Kettlebell training… maybe because they reminded me very much of myself… small and freaking powerful. 😃💪 Seriously, swinging these ancient bells have the ability to take my mind off things that do

An Essential (magazine) part of my journey

When you just came from a photoshoot with Women’s Health Magazine, chill at vida e caffè with a 🥤Chai Soy Latte, open the latest Essentials magazine and read a story about a part of my life I once was ashamed of. I have stopped asking ‘Why me God?’ a long time ago. I Say “Yes

How much should I eat to lose weight and have energy

How much should I eat to lose weight and have enough energy for exercise… hmmm… interesting question. In the past I used to eat too little..(and cut out carbs… hehehe) and found myself so sluggish I could hardly do my job, let alone get myself to gym. Yes, you may initially lose weight but believe

Behind the scenes of my WH shoot

When Women’s Health SA says jump, I ask how high?!👯‍♀️😂 I was always in awe of the amazing women – sharing their transformations and stories and thought it only happens to other people and that they’re the lucky ones… that’s if and when I believed glossy magazines especially when everything nowadays are filtered and photoshopped.

Grateful…not ashamed

“Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on” I love this quote because as humans we want what others have or want to be who others are…but believe me, you don’t want to walk the path they have walked to get there and endure the what they have endured to be

10 Year Challenge accepted

I don’t usually follow crowds and trends (cos I like to set them😉) but #10yearchallenge Is trending like crazy on social media platforms so I thought what the heck. 💁🏽‍♀️ The actual challenge was trying to find a photo of myself from 2009. Did I even have a camera phone back then or was I

My secret to acing burpee time

Today I’m going to share one of my biggest secrets to acing exercise…no matter how unfit😍 This is something that I learned during the most difficult times of my transformation journey…and I hope this helps the next time you feel too intimidated to join a fitness group or the gym… 💙 The first few weeks

Water Retention…eishh

Is a daily weight fluctuation normal? If you weigh yourself every morning, you probably notice that the number on the scale can change significantly from one day to the next. Sometimes the reason for the daily weight fluctuation is obvious. Perhaps you indulged in a big meal before bedtime that resulted in weight gain or

Mood this week…

Could also be me checking to see if I’m doing a good job of hiding my Christmas blob. Yes – I have gained weight during the holidays (and before) as a result of bigger portions, more snacks, less exercise, stress of moving house and hormones- yep they’ve been acting up too of course and that’s

Day 9…How’s the New Years Resolutions going?

Oh hello there! All pumped up and doing ya thang… like you said you would on New Years Eve? Well I’m not here to mock you if it’s not going too well- this is not today’s pic and was taken just over s week ago- last year! It’s clear that I don’t do NY resolutions…

Screw New Years Resolutions

😀What a year this has been…with all its ups and all its downs…more ups than downs of course, I have learned and I have grown and I have discovered that there is so much more about me to discover…Screw new years resolutions that we all know wont even see the month of February❗ I will

Stop holding yourself back

Are you aware of what you say to yourself at all times? Your mind is very gullible and will believe everything you tell it. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, it will believe it. My 5 limiting beliefs that held me back until I finally called it out: “You have a slow

Happy and healthy in any size

So I worked my butt off to reach a goal that I never set. I always said ‘it would be great to lose 10 or 15 kgs but didn’t hold my breath. So when I passed the 15 mark and shot for 30…I was like “heck, I can do anything I put my mind to”.

1 of 5 things I never expected when changing my lifestyle

Embarking on my weightloss journey was about regaining control over my life during a time I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. 1) In all honesty, I didn’t expect to actually succeed and reach/ exceed my weightloss goal. I walked into this completely blind because previous experiences have taught me that expectation

Behind the scenes of Good Housekeeping Mag

How amazing!When GH contacted me and asked if I’d like to take part in a Weightloss Success Story feature, I literally dropped the magazine. It was the weirdest thing ever…I was on the loo reading and old issue of GH with SJP on the cover when my phone alert pinged with a message from GH…I

Fear of regaining

Of course the fear of regaining weight haunts me. I have worked extremely hard to get this far and regaining would take me sooo many steps back…right. Wrong. Yeah, it would take me a few steps back but not all would be lost. Getting to my lowest weight (46kilos) I didn’t quite like the shape

I’m an accidental Intermittent Faster

By now, most of us know about Intermittent Fasting. It’s all over social media and celebs all iver the world have jumped on the IF bandwagon. There’s a few ways one can incorporate IF into your life. Some fast for 2 days and eat normally for 5. Some do it 3:4 and if you’re just

“Do you think you will ever get fat again?”

I get this question all the time. That’s not even on my radar. Sometimes I do think to myself ‘what if I just let myself go again’ then I remember WHY I STARTED. I don’t think I will ever go back to where I started. Sure I will gain one here and lose one there

Smoothie Bowls…my new obsession

Thanks to Instagram, I have become obsessed with smoothie bowls. They look so darn pretty! Some look like the ocean, some like unicorns and rainbows…all my favourite things! But you gotta be careful of these beautiful bowls. They may seem healthy and contain healthy ingrediants and superfoods, they can be high in fat and sugar…and

Heritage Day 2018

I had the best day today…Heritage day- just me and my hubby and daughter. Everything was so random- nothing planned, but just what I needed after a hectic weekend of an almost three day wedding celebration. Walking down Long Street, St George’s Mall then had the opportunity to visit the Slave Lodge Museum and Art

What’s in my gymbag?

Some of you were asking what are essentials to take to gym and what I have in my gymbag…well here goes: My Precious Phone I cannot function without my phone. It’s my source of sanity…where will I stream my motivational vids from? My Beloved Bluetooth headphones This is my coach, my gym-buddy, my angels, whispering

Cheat (long) weekend…say whaaaat!

Sometimes I forget and how I got started on my weightloss journey because the few times that I have fallen off the wagon, I found it incredibly difficult to get back up. It takes a constant reconditioning of the mind to get me to rediscover why I started in the first place. Yes, you do

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today marks World Suicide Prevention Day. Prevention day? How are we planning on preventing it? According to EWN, one person commits suicide every hour in South Africa alone, 14 per every 100 000 people…higher than any other African countries. These numbers may not even be accurate as many families do not want to talk about

How I motivate myself when I just don’t feel like working out

Yes- this happens to me too- lol it’s funny how some people think I eat lettuce all day and just lurvvvv working out…sooo not the case. I get lazy, I think of reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t and wouldn’t. This is actually one of the reasons why I prefer working out in the mornings-

Women’s Health Success Story

I didn’t even realise that my story was being featured on Women’s Health’s website until emails started pouring in. When I checked out the link…there I was, the before and after. Read all about it here:  It was amazing how 90% of the emails that I have received had one thing in common- besides the

How to get abs like JLo

I have no freakin idea how to get abs like JLo, because I don’t have abs like JLo. I don’t know what JLo eats, nor do I know what exercises she does, how often she does it and I’m assuming she’s got some good genes running through her veins. I don’t have abs like JLo

My 4 simple steps to Self-Love

What’s SELF-LOVE got to do with weightloss? Well…lots! I believe that you will not achieve and maintain a healthy weight until you learn to love yourself, fat curvy, humps, bumps and all. If your weight loss is fuelled by negative mind-chatter and self-hatred, weight loss becomes punishment. If only it was as easy as flipping

What motivates me

I literally danced my anxiety disorder and depression away. I grew up with ballet and 15 months ago, when I was still 30kgs heavier, I always dreamt of going dancing again…but some how my body is not quite moving the way it does in my head but I realised that I don’t care. Dance Like

Run YOUR race

It still hasn’t really sunk in that I have come this far…I mean, 20 months ago, I couldn’t last 20 minutes working out and struggled with an 8 kg weight. Now I’m lifting a 20kg with a smile…that’s almost half my body weight fyi. I know there will be someone saying ‘lol- only a 20kg’

Stop cutting carbs for weightloss

Cutting carbs from your diet could make you miserable and actually sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Yes, there are people making millions out of Low Carb Diet books and plans. But like many other misconception, carbs are not evil. All in moderation and we are good to eat just about everything. The thing is, when you

Beware of the belly fat monster

Something has been weighing a little heavy on me for the past few weeks…I have been struggling to maintain my goal weight. I weigh myself every second or third day, not because I am obsessed with physical appearance, but because I am trying hard to find the correct balance to maintain my weight. I don’t

Snacks on the run

I would usually go for rice cakes and nut butter (don’t they look cute) or boiled eggs, but on the days that I just did not plan for and you just have to jump in the car and go… The best snacks to grab while losing weight, would be a piece of fruit or veg

Oh behave, Cravings!

I have a huge problem with cravings but have found a way, not to control them (because honestly speaking, YOU CAN’T) but to keep them away instead. People like to jump to solutions like drink plenty of water, distance yourself from the craving like going for a walk…dude, if I want a chocolate now…I will

Spinning for the very first time

You’re probably surprised to learn that I have never done Spinning before until today. Honestly, I never quite grasped the hype. It’s cycling. I sold my stationary bike 2 years ago. I bought it with the greatest intentions and envisioned myself cycling while watching my soapies. I even found the perfect little spot in my

Strength training for PCOS

Any exercise improves how your body functions so you’ll respond better and more quickly to the changes you’re making in your diet. If you have PCOS, this is a big deal because our genetic makeup makes us resistant to losing weight. Of all the types of exercise, strength training causes more positive changes to a

Losing weight with PCOS

I was only diagnosed with PCOS two years ago…my own fault. I probably would have discovered this years ago if I hadn’t been dreading gynae-offices like I did. I knew something was wrong and although it was a relief to know what it was, I wasn’t particularly ecstatic – I was thinking ‘Really, what more

I will never skip Leg Day again

You know you have done leg day right when you can’t walk properly the next day, you know when you look like you’re walking with a wet diaper on. Is it weird that I actually like that feeling? I always loved my legs until orange peels and jelly got hold of them- for some reason

11 Things I noticed after month one that kept me pushing

1. My embarrassing skin condition cleared up After the birth of my bubs 14 years ago, I developed Psoriasis- not uncommon after stressful childbirth and hormonal changes. No creams and medication worked for the dry patches around my neck area. I even tried hypnotherapy – healing the body from within. My skin did clear up

12 simple steps to dropping a dress size by month end

1. Avoid Starch and Sugar Starch and sugar stimulate insulin in the body, which stores fat. If your insulin level is high, and cannot be utilized or burnt, the body will store it as fat. 2. Eat more Protein and Veggies Ensure every meal you consume consists of low carb vegetables and a protein. Intake

To Fast or not to Fast

If you have been researching ways to lose weight you will most certainly know a thing or two about Intermittent Fasting. For some, it’s literally next best thing, like Banting, Paleo or then there’s those the ‘Gluten-Free’ dieters who say it ‘I am Gluten-Free’ like it’s a status symbol and can hardly explain what it


Hello everyone…yeah I know it’s been a while. I have come to the realisation why Instagram must fall (for me). Since synchronizing my Facebook account with IG…I found myself losing my way. Yes- I have fallen off the wagon. Creating and eating meals that are Insta-worthy, playing Russian Roulette with losing and gaining followers, becoming


2 weeks ago, I received a call that would change my life forever…’post-surgery complication, mom’s heart stopped. They managed to bring her back. She’s critical but stable’…what does that even mean?? 2 weeks ago I rushed 100s kms to your bedside, only for you to not even remember who and where you were. 2 weeks


I think I have created little monsters…even on my rest day, my family (hubby and daughter) got me cycling… renting bicycles from Upcycle at Seapoint Promonade. It was so much fun being out and about and the best part was getting to do this together as a family. No sweat and squats…just fun in the


Replace anger, resentment, sadness and grief with love and compassion. If you are one of those who love collecting self-help books, buy into every self-development seminar and love the idea of personal growth, yet you’re in the same place than the time you started…it’s time to pause…and realise (what the personal growth coaches and experts


I trust you all had a blessed Easter weekend. I certainly did…hot cross buns, pickled fish, Easter eggs and all…I know I mentioned, all in moderation but I must admit there were moments when I just let it pass with a ‘ah well, it only happens once a year’ … I just couldn’t resist my


I was so super excited and proud to be featured in a health magazine and what an amazing experience did I have with my photoshoot…if only I could say the same about my article. It was a bittersweet moment as I began reading and realizing how I have been misquoted. I never got to read


The beauty of my weightloss journey was never really about weightloss. It was a journey of self-discovery. It was a journey of decluttering and rediscovering how valuable I was. You learn who your real friends are, and you learn who you can rely on and trust. You let go of things, habits and people who


I used to be all talk and not much ‘do-er’ yet managed to fool myself into thinking I was doing sooo much and being ‘busy’ all the time. Tuesday morning was a perfect example of the person I used be. As our Pilates class came to an end, our instructor was a little disappointed that


Last week I checked on a friend – just to hear how the workouts and mealplan programme was going- he replied, ‘I lost my reason to continue’. Of course, I was devastated…for him. He was so close.😞 This is why I reiterate- have a reason outside of yourself. If your goal is just to have


It’s a new day. A new week! A brand-new opportunity to start (again)! New thoughts, a new mindset. Write down a goal for the day- go and achieve it. Write down a goal for the week- make it happen. Forget the big long-term goals for now- sometimes all it takes are small daily goal achievements


Living your best life is not about the size or brand you wear, nor is it about the position you hold or the car you drive. Living your best life is about being HEALTHY. Here’s a throwback for TBT: I was so chuffed with my car the first time I bought it… but suffered severe


I can have my cake and eat it…cos it’s my b-day…and I baked it myself 😱🎂 My sugar-free, guiltfree, high protein cake – made with bananas, eggs, whey protein and pistachios 😋😋 Momma’s coming to visit all the way from Mossel Bay later and if she approves, I will add it to my cookbook. (Did


Today I just want to take the time to reflect and count my blessings (not reps and calories😉) Today I am 39 and in the best shape I have ever been, mentally and physically. I feel so blessed and I give all praise to the Highest. My wish is to inspire and touch someone’s life


I almost didn’t go… I am so glad I bought my ticket 2 hours before the event dreaming about it for the last 3 months. But this week I heard that nasty voice called Excuses over and over inside my head. The bugger is so convincing! I actually believed the 20 excuses why I shouldn’t


Don’t back down now. There will be times when you feel alone even with an army of people around you. They don’t understand why you do what you do. They may not see what you see and even out of love try to convince you that your dream or goal is impossible, to ‘protect’ you.


Many people always ask me what I eat while some blatantly assume that I don’t eat at all 😂 This is a typical non- training day for me…on training days I add a protein smoothie and another snack. I eat fruits and drink water throughout the day…and a cup or 3 black coffee a day


It has become a little harder to get off my butt and workout. I remember very well how pumped, motivated and committed I was January last year- when I have lost my first 10kgs- I guess I was all too excited and felt like I was actually getting somewhere. It’s great when you can see


Why I HAD to choose to become a morning person. When I started my weightloss journey 14 months ago, a 5am workout sounded like a pure punishable sin and curse to my ears🙉 The 1st day, my alarm went off at 4, I hit the snooze button, out of habit…then I realised, this was not


So, I’m about to make another one of those confessions of mine…ai…and you all know how loooong and deep it can get- btw I’m really taking a big risk putting myself out there- but here’s the thing – there’s a reason I am sharing this with you… learn from MY mistakes. I am proud of


I remember all too well how ‘not so easy’ it was sticking to my new found healthy lifestyle during the festive season- note, I didn’t say hard or difficult, just not so easy. I didn’t find it difficult because I knew I was doing something for the greater good, something Good to me and for


A few days ago, I was asked if I ever look at my before photos and without giving it a single thought I just replied ‘yes’. Then her next question caught me completely off guard and for the first time in forever, I had no words. She asked me: ‘When you look at the woman


Let me share another weightloss secret of mine… THE BEST TIME TO EXERCISE IS: When you don’t feel like exercising! Yep- those mornings when you don’t feel like getting up at 4h15 for your 5am session, those Saturday mornings when you hear the birds chirping and runners passing by, those Sunday ‘nap-time’ or when you’re


We are all motivated at some point in our lives. We are all motivated to lose weight, to become wealthy, to get a job, to get that promotion, to be successful, healthy and happy. Motivation is merely what we want and not nearly as important as ‘what I am willing to do to get it’


If you’re trying to lose weight, you gotta stop stressing…. easier said than done right… Well, I can’t say ‘stop stressing’ but I will say find a way to manage it. Be it meditation, prayer, watching a funny movie or punching a pillow, as long as you manage it. Here’s why: Your body responds to


I know that being overweight may not be all your fault. If you carry most of your weight around your belly and have actually tried losing numerous times only to your utter disappointment, you could be insulin resistant…but let me tell you this- don’t get caught up in labels. I have heard a few people


It’s the 1st day of November…exactly 1 year ago when I started on my weightloss journey. I didn’t know it was going to be a journey. See, it didn’t start off as ‘needing to lose weight’ or -‘wanting to be healthy’. By this time last year, I was at my lowest point in my life.


I take it today is the day you started on your healthy lifestyle journey…you know the one you said you’re going to start on Monday…well, today IS Monday! 😉 For some it’s going to be a life changing journey and for others…well life happened and today is just not that Monday. What challenges are you


Not on the cover (…yet lol) but I made it to page 22 in #WomensHealthSA magazine Nov17 issue. If my friends had told me a year ago that I’d be in fitness magazine, I would have seriously have reconsidered my friendship as I do not appreciate sarcasm much…lol says the queen of sarcasm hehehe. And


By PB I am not referring to peanut butter. 😊 Hey, that is exactly what I thought…I’m only getting a swing of the fitness world lingo now…now I too speak of ‘PBs’ …lol I sound like such a pro, right! I’m talking about your PERSONAL BEST. This is when you compare yourself with yourself and


Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle… They have tried…they will not succeed. Not everyone will understand your commitment to yourself and your goals. They will try to ‘assist and support’ and deep-down think ‘aaah she won’t succeed’ …until you show them. It’s not easy staying focussed but if you must remember your WHY. Keep that


I should have done this way sooner – because a lot of you don’t know me from a year ago and might think I’ve always had it easy – that squats and planks come naturally to me and that resisting chips, sweets, milk tarts, lemon meringues and zinger wings is easy. Food was a drug


Most people that I have encountered lately all say the same thing “I don’t have that kind of willpower to lose weight” I am here to tell you, neither did I. It wasn’t something I had all along or was born with or something someone could give me. It is there for the taking…like all


You don’t have to wait until Monday… “I will start on Monday” That was my favourite line. Monday would come, and Monday would go and I’d still stuffing my face, sitting on the couch watching 7 de Laan while the butter chicken curry was simmering. Some Mondays I would actually start, and I’d be completely


This morning I mentioned how I gained 3 kgs last month being under the impression that I was eating within my daily calorie allowance…I learnt the hard way- don’t be fooled by snacks labelled ‘low calorie’ or ‘high protein’. I was on the road most of the time last month, so I stocked up on


So, this is my second month on my own-no group training and no trainer to take me through the next phase now that I have lost all the weight (a whole toddler actually ) I started increasing my calories to start maintaining and toning up…boy – this was confusing. This was more difficult than losing